About Data, Analytics, and Statistical Core (DASC)

The CHSR DASC team provides analytical support to stakeholders across UK to meet their health services research and quality improvement data needs. This support includes data collection and management, extraction of data from clinical data management systems, survey development, program evaluation, study design, methodology, dashboard design, server support for datasets, and statistical analysis such as descriptive statistics describing the population of interest and/or a multivariate analysis.

CHSR DASC projects include:

  • Health delivery models and population management
  • Comparitive effectiveness studies
  • Health outcomes and economics
  • Program implementation and evaluation
  • Addressing social determinants
  • Patient-centered outcomes research

Support Services:

  • Study Design
  • Server Support for Datasets (CMS, ResDAC, AHA Survey, etc.)
  • Survey Development
  • Extraction of Data from Clinical Data Management Systems
  • Data Collection and Management
  • Methodology
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Program Evaluation

Translating Analytics into Scholarship: 

DASC supported efforts support researcher presentations, posters and publications in places such as:

  • American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine
  • Journal of Hospital Medicine
  • American Journal of Medical Quality
  • Quality Management in Healthcare
  • European Society of Cardiology
  • Appalachian Translation Research Network Health Summit
  • Critical Care Medicine
  • Society of General Internal Medicine
  • Pediatric Academic Societies
  • Society of Critical Care Medicine

Our DASC team placed 3rd in the Data Health Infographic Competition in October 2015.  Their final poster is available here