Our Team

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Picture Name Other Affiliations Position
AKAD223's picture Akosua Adu CHSR Research Program Coordinator I
sam246's picture Shiraz Amin CHSR Research Web & Mobile Application Developer
jlbi232's picture Jada Biggers DASC DASC Intern
mbi244's picture Peggy Bishop DASC Data Research Analyst
mch354's picture Mingguang Chang DASC OVIHD Time Study Analyst/DASC Research Assistant
ppa272's picture Prarthana Chavan DASC Data Reporting Analyst
snch226's picture Eric Chheang DASC DASC Intern
DCL223's picture Dan Cleland DASC Analytics Director
jjmill2's picture Jessica Clouser CHSR Research Research Director
omco223's picture Olivia Colliver OVIHD OVIHD Intern
JCO367's picture Jon Colquitt DASC Data Research Analyst
ACMI238's picture Amy Cowley CHSR Research Research Program Manager
cda282's picture Chen Dai DASC Statistician
gdu227's picture Gaixin Du DASC Statistician
jgearl2's picture Gregory Early DASC Data Management Analyst
lljayn0's picture Lorie Ernest OVIHD Process Improvement Coordinator
cev224's picture Chris Evans CHSR Research Community Alignment Specialist
alnava0's picture Annie Fugazzi OVIHD, CHSR Admin Administrative Services Assistant
dkgrah2's picture Debra Graham OVIHD Process Improvement Education Trainer
rlhe232's picture Richard Herndon CHSR Research Project Manager II
dhu254's picture Blythe Hundley OVIHD Quality and Transformation Coordinator
cmcarp2's picture Christina Jewell CHSR Admin Administrative Staff Officer I
rlkege2's picture Bob Kegebein CHSR Research Evaluation Manager
bko238's picture Bhavya Kothari DASC SAS Programmer
bjlath2's picture Barbara Latham OVIHD Process Improvement Specialist
nlle223's picture Nikita Lewis CHSR Research Instructional Designer
jli322's picture Jing Li CHSR Faculty Associate Professor, Co-Director
XLI297's picture Xiaoshu Li CHSR Research Research Associate Senior
ajma237's picture Adam Mardis OVIHD OVIHD Intern
kelly's picture Kelly McHone CHSR Admin Center Associate Administrator
MAMCIN2's picture Megan McIntosh CHSR Research Administrative Coordinator II
dcme225's picture Donna Meyers CHSR Research Data Management
SNNE225's picture Sethabhisha Nerusu DASC Analytics Team Supervisor
amng222's picture Ann Nguyen OVIHD Health Systems Engineer Analyst Principle
JKOT222's picture Janet Otachi CHSR Research Program Coordinator I