About Education

Physicians and other health care professionals must acquire new knowledge and skills to be effective and accomplish their critical roles in the future health care system. This includes working effectively in teams, coordinating care, and applying systems thinking and re-engineering to health care delivery. In addition, healthcare providers will need to shift their focus from disease treatment to incorporate disease prevention, care management and health promotion.

In response to this need, UK-CHSR collaborates with sponsoring colleges and UK HealthCare to train and prepare students, fellows, and faculty to investigate and address key issues relevant to the delivery and outcomes of healthcare.

UK-CHSR provides the following training services for health professionals:
•   Sponsoring visiting professors
•   Seminars and workshop series
•   Competency-based curricula that will focus on quality improvement, patient safety and evidence-based practice, and use technology to improve students' ability to practice system - and team-based care for individual patients and patient populations
•   Online educational modules to enliven the learning experience and facilitate scalability
•  In collaboration with sponsoring Colleges, UK-CHSR will develop and offer future Certificate and Master of Science programs such as leadership development, Health Services and Outcomes Research, and quality improvement