Other Opportunities

DASC Student Internships

The Data, Analytics, and Statistical Core (DASC) within the CHSR provides several internship opportunities for students interested in analytics. DASC participates in the Gill Junior Researchers program to provide internships to economically disadvantaged high school students who are interested in health care careers.  These Gill Junior Researcher positions, as well as undergraduate internships, provide opportunities for students to get hands-on experience with survey development, data extraction and integration, reporting, dashboard development, and statistical analysis in UKHC.

Interns in the Data, Analytics, and Statistical Core (DASC) have come to the positions ranging from never having worked with data or code to having advanced experience in analysis. Due to the full spectrum of analytic service provided by DASC, there have been opportunities for interns to learn and develop a variety of skills. DASC interns gain real world experience working in a collaborative environment with a close knit team of highly skilled programmers, analysts, and statisticians.

DASC interns have worked with technologies such as Excel, SAS, Tableau, IBM Netezza, REDCap; gained valuable experience in coding, project management, the IRB and research process, public speaking; and worked on analytic projects utilizing data from surveys, medications use, referral patterns, hospital census data, protocol adherence and impact, patient experience, and various patient outcomes.


OVIHD Student Internships

The office has oversight for all process improvement activities within the UK HealthCare organization. The office facilitates many projects at any one time using Lean methodology and other systems engineering techniques. This is an integral part of the work of the office. For additional information on OVIHD, go to http://chsr.med.uky.edu/chsr-office-value-innovation-healthcare-delivery

Description of Internship: Duration and schedule for the internship is negotiable. During this time there will be a mix of educational opportunities as well as front line project work. Interns will work with hospital and clinic directors, managers and staff in conducting high impact high visibility projects.

Activities: The intern will be able to select from several active projects in various departments within UK Healthcare. Interns will work as an integral part of the improvement teams. Work will range from attending and leading educational sessions, conducting analysis, helping front line staff to test ideas and reporting results.  Intern will assist in the efforts of submitting an abstract on project outcomes for presentation at conferences and/or manuscript for publication.  Interns will work closely with OVIHD staff to write up an introduction, methods, and results for their project.

Location: Lexington, KY

Remuneration: Two paid internships are available.