OVIHD Activities

The OVIHD (Office for Value and Innovation in Health Care Delivery) provides process and quality improvement to UKHC and its affiliates throughout the state of Kentucky. The mission of the OVIHD is to provide value-based care across our health system. By reengineering care delivery using expertise from industry, UK Health Care continues to undergo a transformation of its delivery system to optimize care coordination for patients. Our collaborations expand beyond UKHC including the College of Public Health, College of Health Sciences, and College of Medicine by supporting leaners in training and process improvement projects. These partnerships highlight the university’s commitment and willingness to drive process improvement as a skill set to grow staff and students professionally.

Below are examples of previous work. If you have a project you would like assistance on you can submit a request form here. If you are interested in having OVIHD speak to your class or group please email ovihd@uky.edu

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Research and Process Improvement 

Research and Process Improvement


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