Transitional Care

Thought Leader Podcast Series: Social Determinants of Health and Transitional Care

Episode 28: Telemedicine and Its Role as We Know It

Opioid/Addiction Crisis

Treating Opioid Addiction

Opioid Addiction and Treatment

Mobilizing Against Addiction: Local Efforts address the opioid crisis

Overcoming Opioids: How Josh C. Got his life back from Heroin

Methadone Maintenance Treatment During Incarceration Compared with Forced Withdrawal

Integrating Substance Use Services with Primary care: Incentives based on choice architecture principles
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Community/Population Health (Including Social Determinants of Health)

Taking action on social determinants of health

Dean podcast on social determinants of health and vulnerable populations

Social determinants of health drive results

Episode 4: Innovative chronic care (SDOH – loneliness in senior citizens)

What explains the opioid epidemic?