Research Assistantships

Research assistants work with the research support team, and can work on several projects at one time depending on their current or desired skills. Most research assistants work 15-20 hours per week, gaining valuable experience that can be applied to their graduate studies or experience as a future researcher. Research assistants have the opportunity to work closely with faculty and staff, contribute to analysis and dissemination efforts, and present on their research findings and experience at Center meetings or conferences. Some past experiences of research assistants at the Center include: interviewing injection drug users at syringe exchange programs in Rural Appalachia, recruiting patients from the UK ED for focus groups, and assisting in qualitative coding and/or manuscript writing. Skills or programs that Research Assistants can expect to learn from their experience at the Center: interviewing, conducting focus groups, transcribing interviews, recruiting subjects, working with UK's IRB, using NVivo, REDCap, Qualtrics, EndNote, Tableau, and many other essential tools for a future health services researcher.