Mission, Vision and Strategies

CHSR Mission

Applying evidence to optimize health in Kentucky and beyond©

CHSR Vision

Become a national leader in advancing the science of health and health care delivery.


The University of Kentucky Center for Health Services Research (UK CHSR) is an active contributor to the University for Kentucky's focused efforts to become a national model for a thriving, public, residential, research-intensive campus and UK HealthCare® advancing to serve the health care needs of Kentucky and beyond. The Center particularly focuses on how best to enhance the value of health care delivered by a well-integrated health delivery system to individuals, families, organizations, institutions, communities, and populations.

The CHSR’s strategic planning process is a dynamic undertaking guided by multiple levels of input and interactions, including: CHSR leadership, faculty and staff, a Steering Committee, an Internal Advisory Board and an External Advisory Board. The CHSR’s guide for success is integrated and aligned with institutional and UK HealthCare® initiatives. This iterative process has led to a comprehensive strategic vision for the Center for Health Services Research. Over the next five years, the Center’s leadership will use this 5-Year Strategic Plan to direct acquisition and investment of resources in faculty recruitment, seed grant development funding, space, and other mechanisms to promote health services research at UK.

The developed strategic plan focuses on four main strategies:

  • Undertake, facilitate and coordinate inter-professional collaborative research aimed at improving population health through delivering high value health care and community health, and provide leadership in the science of health care delivery and guidance across the University of Kentucky while engaging faculty and staff from the relevant Colleges.

  • Align with UKHC’s strategic plan – patient-centered care, growth in complex care, strengthen partnership networks, and value-based care and payment. Provide essential knowledge, skills and resources needed for UK Healthcare® to become a learning health system as defined by the Institute of Medicine and provide guidance to health care teams to optimize the value of care for patients by leveraging expertise in information technology, analytics, implementation science, survey methodology, decision making and quality improvement.

  • Enhance the delivery of rigorous and cutting edge academic and professional training that prepares current and future health services researchers to be leaders in the field.

  • Grow and develop the expertise needed for the Center to become a national leader in Health Services Research and for UK HealthCare to become a learning health system.