Jing Li, MD, MS and Mark Williams, MD Present at AcademyHealth D&I Conference

On behalf of the ACHIEVE team, Jing Li, MD, MS, and Mark Williams, MD, MHM, FACP, presented three posters at the AcademyHealth Dissemination and Implementation Conference in Arlington, VA in early December. All three posters are available here as PDFs.

The first, titled Improving Evidence-Based Grouping of Transitional Care Strategies in Hospital Implementation Using Statistical Tools, shared the analytic strategy used to devise the a priori transitional care (TC) strategy groups to be evaluated in Project ACHIEVE’S prospective study. It was selected as one of a handful of posters to be included in the Conference’s poster walk, where presenters shared a brief oral review of the content and invited questions.

The second poster, titled “Say it Clear and Show you Care: The Associations among Plain Language Communication and Promoting Trust and Transitional Care and Patient-Reported Outcomes” shared the ultimate findings from the study’s prospective analysis, which assessed the relationships between different groups of TC strategies and various patient-centered outcomes. The TC group including Plain Language Communication, Promoting Trust at Hospital, Medication Reconciliation, Post-Discharge Care Consultation, and Transition Summary for Patients and Family Caregivers showed the most positive associations with patient-centered outcomes.

The third poster, titled “It Takes (At Least) Two: Partnerships and Collaborations in Transitional Care shared findings from 29 hospital site visits conducted with hospital partners in Project ACHIEVE. Transitional care representatives from these hospitals unanimously reported that partnership development was critical for transitional care, yet implementation varied widely. In addition, partnerships with community-based organizations were less developed than those with skilled nursing facilities or home health.