KC-AHC Project Featured at National Collaborative Learning Session

On March 13, 2019, Amanda Trent (Project Coordinator) and Richard Herndon (Project Manager) presented a webinar titled "Monitoring and Improvement of Screening, Referral, and Navigation Project" via hosts: The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and Mathematica Policy Research (MPR).  Based on the recommendation of our CMS project officer, the research arm of the agency, MPR, requested that our bridge organization develop and present material through PowerPoint on how we have been monitoring and reporting beneficiary enrollment as part of the KC-AHC project. Designed as an interactive webinar, we were one of only two bridge organizations invited to participate out of a total of 31 that are currently implementing the AHC model. Our presentation highlighted the different types of reports we use and how we tailored them to the needs of specific partners and stakeholders participating in the project.  A post-event survey shows that roughly 82% of those who attended the webinar strongly agreed that the material we present have them new ideas and insights on how to improve their own work. The production of the material we used for this presentation involved the entire KC-AHC team here at UK and could not have been successful without their contributions. To learn more about KC-AHC, click here.