Medicaid 101 Course Launching Summer 2019 

Amy Cowley, CHSR Research Program Manager, recently worked with representatives from the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services to write and record an online course titled Medicaid 101. The one-hour course explores several topics such as “the History of Medicaid”, “Main Players”, “Kentucky HEALTH” and “Using your Coverage” and includes a 10-question quiz at the end. Medicaid 101 will serve as a health literacy course, and will be available when the community engagement portion of Kentucky HEALTH, Kentucky’s new Medicaid program, is launched during the Summer of 2019. When Kentucky Medicaid beneficiaries find themselves locked out of their Medicaid coverage because of premium non-payment or community engagement non-compliance, they will be required to complete several steps to become eligible for Medicaid. One of the steps includes participation in a health literacy course like Medicaid 101.