Patient Perspective Discussed at UK HealthCare Town Hall Meeting

Megan McIntosh, CHSR Administrative Coordinator II, spoke at UK HealthCare’s town hall meeting led by Executive Vice President for Health Affairs Mark F. Newman, MD about what her healthcare experience at UK HealthCare has meant to her and her family. She spoke highly of her providers and emphasized how important listening to the patient is in keeping them at the center of their care: “The care I received at UK lasted beyond my time in the hospital, I carry it with me because it taught me what it is like to have a care team working together centered on caring for the patient and their caregiver. When patients’ and caregivers’ involvement is truly valued, it has a lasting impact and really improves the quality of care that patients receive and that level of involvement allows a patient to feel more included in their care, resulting in being more engaged and confident in caring for themselves. I’d like to thank my care teams (several service lines coming together) to treat me as more than just a medically complex patient, but as a human.”